Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frust !!

Hi uoals,

Yeah, i'm frust now !!
My bf left me because another women !!
So dammed !!
I really hate it !!
I'm crying, crying and crying !!!
But u know what ???
When i'm cry i called he !!!
Why should i call him ???
I don't know why !!

And u guest !!
Dia ketawakan i !!!
He said " bila ada orang nak i , i tak nak !!"
Huwaaaa sampai hati !!!
I nak nanggis, nanggis and nanggis !!
Serius sangat stupid i on that time !!
Crying for the people that never love u as much as u love that person !!!

Yeah, i'm so STUPID !!

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